Highway Bodies by Alison Evans

Highway Bodies by Alison Evans

What would happen if three different groups of teens in Victoria found themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? This is exactly the premise that Alison Evans explores in Highway Bodies. Told from multiple view points, the story follows three groups of teenagers who witness the spread of a mysterious, unknown disease that turns people into zombie-like creatures. The group watch loved ones succumb to the disease and need to figure out how to survive and who they can trust.

This novel has a uniquely Australian flavour, with the setting being just as integral to the story as the characters themselves. The tensions and fear that the characters feel jumps off the page and pulls you in to the story as though you are experiencing it all firsthand. The characters are a highlight of the novel, with the zombie apocalypse plotline almost playing second fiddle to the journeyboth physical and emotionalthat the characters undertake.

Highway Bodies is an engaging and unique story for ages 14+.


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