The Lucky Galah by Tracy Sorensen

The Lucky Galah by Tracy Sorensen

Lucky is a pet Galah who has secret conversations with a satellite dish. The year is 1969 and the small western Australian town he calls home is gearing up to help with the relay of messages between Apollo 11 and Houston Texas.

In the background a very suburban life is playing out. The modern world is looking in on small town Australia and social hierarchies are navigated through gossip, dinner parties and dressmaking while visits from international scientists cause a stir. Lucky the Galah watches the community struggle without judgment. He drinks tea and hopes for an occasional biscuit, or a really good novel to literally ‘rip’ into.

This is a charming and uniquely Australian story, delightfully told.  A new Australian classic that will appeal to fans of The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham, or My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin.


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