Storyland by Catherine McKinnon

Storyland by Catherine McKinnon

Storyland is about our earth. Not just the world and the way we interact with it, but literally the earth beneath our feet; the soil, and the world that it supports. Spanning centuries and checking in with five different characters, all subtly connected, McKinnon’s tale shows Australia’s exploration of the land, its development, and eventually its decomposition.

The book’s primary concern is illustrating life on the land, rather than making sweeping statements about human impact. It highlights evolving relationships between those who settled on this land and the original inhabitants, and suggests a future where the divide between past and present is irrelevant.

The characters are solid, while the world around them both literally and metaphorically shifts. Seeing how they interact with the same land across time will make you think of your own relationship to the earth, and whether you are happy with the mark you’ll make on it.


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