Australia Day by Melanie Cheng

Australia Day by Melanie Cheng

Melanie Cheng’s Australia Day is a chorus of voices that explore the complexities of Australian lives. In this collection of short stories we meet a range of diverse characters that navigate modern Australia. A Hong Kong student trying to woo an Australian girl while she pines over her bloke-y ex-boyfriend, a cheating husband finding his way back to his estranged daughter, and a young Indian doctor dealing with a disgruntled patient are just a few of the tales presented.

The collection is rich in emotion and Cheng demonstrates her skill as writer as she navigates a multitude of voices, and successfully manages to make each one unique. The cultural diversity of the characters and the issues they face are recognisable in modern Australia, and with Melanie Cheng’s strong hand, they ask not for pity, but for understanding.



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